Keith Auturo Silvaro (Born September 7) is a fictional character who is signed in ECT and wrestles by his ring name Ookami (Meaning Wolf in japanese). He is the younger brother of Stephen Rivares and the half brother of Netami. Debuting in 2004, he won his first title, the ECT TagTeam championship with Drake Saiko. He reached main event status after winning the ECT Title in late 2009 as well as becoming the Second Grand Slam Champion. Ookami, as a heel, then formed the Kurotempi with Cryptan, ZEAR-0 and Nitascha in early 2010. In 2011, a returning Kanmuri joined Kurotempi shortly after Ookami was sidelined due to an ankle injury. Ookami is well known for being one of ECT's top faces and high flyers; using parkour techniques mixed with martial arts.

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